Jimmy Garoppolo’s return to 49ers was ‘complicated’ for Trey Lance

The 49ers have publicly said all the right things about Trey Lance’s reaction. Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract restructuringbut personally, he may not have been so happy.

NFL Network’s Albert Bria tweeted that it was “complicated” for Lance to accept the news. It came after Blair said Lance was “a little annoyed” — which he later responded to in a tweet.

“Yeah, full disclosure, my wording may have been a little presumptive there,” Blair wrote. As you might expect, it was mixed news, and it was right after.

“He is fine.”

Nearly everyone in football assumed Garoppolo would be traded before the season after losing the starting job to Lance. However, the Niners were unable to find a satisfactory deal. So last week, the two sides reworked Garoppolo’s deal into a one-year deal with a $6.5 million guarantee.

Even in Garoppolo expressed surprise of how things happened, saying that returning “wasn’t on my mind” when he spoke to reporters about the deal.

Trey Lance has had a ‘mixed’ reaction to the return of Jimmy Garoppolo.
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Niners manager Kyle Shanahan told reporters Lance was delighted with Garoppolo’s return and said he learned from him last season.

“Tray likes Jimmy in the building.” shanahan said“Last year, Trey was extremely grateful for what Jimmy did for him, and we both have a strong feeling that Jimmy will give it back to Trey this year.”

Lance is the undoubted starter for the team, but Garoppolo’s presence could put a little more pressure on him if he starts to struggle.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo attends practice
Jimmy Garoppolo’s return to the 49ers surprised most people.
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However, eventual trades may still be made as the season unfolds, especially if other quarterbacks are injured and Garoppolo is seen as a potential substitute.

The 49ers will start the season on Sunday against the Bears.

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