Is QB’s Sam Darnold, Matt Corral good enough, or does the Carolina Panthers need Baker Mayfield? -Carolina Panthers Blog

Is QB’s Sam Darnold, Matt Corral good enough, or does the Carolina Panthers need Baker Mayfield? -Carolina Panthers Blog

Charlotte, NC – At some point shortly after next week’s mandatory mini-camp, Carolina Panthers will determine if Sam Darnold is happy to start a quarterback job with newcomer Matt Corral and former XFL star PJ Walker. .. For another veteran such as Baker Mayfield or Jimmy Garoppolo.

ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky said he “loves” Darnold. He still believes that despite his 17-32 record as a starter, the third pick in the 2018 draft “could be one of the best quarterbacks in the league.”

So when Orlovsky said it would be a great place for Mayfield, the disgruntled Cleveland Browns quarterback, it’s not downplaying Darnold. He doesn’t respect what Mayfield thinks he can do for Carolina.

“They have a really good chance of a solid quarterback play,” Orlovsky said.

Orlovsky likes how general manager Scott Fitterer strengthened his roster after the Panthers failed to buy Deshaun Watson, who had made Mayfield a consumable when he joined Browns.

Darnold and Mayfield will be in proof mode in the final year of the rookie deal. Combined with four years of NFL experience, they are more likely to push for improvement with each other, making it a better option than the rookie Coral in the third round.

The biggest advantage Mayfield has over Coral and Darnold is 29 wins in 59 starts. The same discussion can be made about the 33-14 year old San Francisco 49ers quarterback Garo Polo as a starter.

However, Garopolo’s 2022 cap figure ($ 26.95 million) becomes unattractive to Panther when added to Darnold’s guaranteed salary ($ 18.8 million). The same is true for Mayfield, but some organizations question whether Garoppolo is the majority of upgrades.

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All we know for sure is that the Panthers keep their options open in terms of adding veteran quarterbacks such as Mayfield, the first pick of the 2018 draft.

And so far, they are happy with Darnold. Darnold had what he called his best practice on Wednesday since Director Matt Roll joined the Panthers last offseason.

“Sam thought it was great. He takes a very stoic approach.’Hey, I’m going to control what I can control.’ He controls the decisions we make as an organization. We can’t. By taking that approach, we’ve seen Sam get better and better. “


Rule also said Darnold must ultimately prove his worth in the game. That’s why it’s important to determine now whether your team can do it comfortably or need another veteran.

The Panthers will have to pay Browns most of their 2022 salary ($ 18.8 million) for the deal with Mayfield to be signed, and the Panthers will need to send a draft topic to Cleveland. According to league sources, when Browns was willing to pay only $ 3.5 million in Mayfield’s salary, that’s where the discussions took place during the draft.

Another option is if Cleveland releases Mayfield, but there are no signs at this time. If he is released, Mayfield can control where he goes and other teams may be more attractive.

After next week’s mini-camp, Rhule will meet with Fitterer to discuss whether adding veterans makes sense from an economic and competitive perspective.

Especially for Orlovsky, Mayfield will be a better option than Corral in 2022.

It makes sense, based on what North Carolina’s new attack coordinator Ben McAdoo recently said about how much newcomers must learn before the newcomers are in a position to compete for roles before the training camp begins in July. It is.

It’s not necessarily the starting role, but it’s the role.

It begins with an understanding of communication and prosystems, and is done against the spread up-tempo attack Corral carried out on OleMiss.

“It’s really like he’s trying to learn another language he’s never spoken before. There are verbal and visual clues he has to know and learn. It will take a while.”

If the season begins today, Darnold will be McAdoo’s starter, but quarterbacks also have a lot to learn with a completely new system.

“In my opinion, no one is ready to fight for work or for a role,” McAdoo said.

McAdoo doesn’t even promise what his attack will be, except it’s not like the last two years under OC Joe Brady. Also, it may not look like McAdoo ran in four seasons, centered on Eli Manning, who won the Super Bowl twice as coordinator (2014-15) and head coach (2016-17) by the New York Giants. ..

It was a suitable system for quarterbacks based on power running games.

“Crime will probably look very different [what I was] “I’ve been involved in the past because the players are different. We’ll do our best to tailor it to our players,” McAdoo said.

This is not an ideal situation for Carolina, who has started at least one game with seven different quarterbacks since 2018 from Tuesday to Thursday, heading for a mini camp.

As a result, Panthers keeps the options open, including the possibility of returns by Cam Newton, while trying to consolidate the position. And that’s why McAdoo wasn’t ready to say if he was ready to challenge Darnold when he entered the season with Darnold as his top two option.

“So now I just do things well. I teach, learn, communicate and see how the chips fall,” McAdoo said.


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