10 free agents in Tampa Bay Bacchus can still sign this offseason

10 free agents in Tampa Bay Bacchus can still sign this offseason

With the deal with Akiem Hicks, the Buccaneers have added another key element to the team with the aim of returning to the Super Bowl in 2022. It can occur throughout the season. What are some potential options they may bring? Take a look at my list of possible players.

Julio Jones is not the same receiver he once had. The 33-year-old seven-time pro bowler and two-time allpro played for the Tennessee Titans last season after being shipped from his career team, the Atlanta Falcons. Jones started only 10 games due to an injury and posted only 434 yards and 1TD during those 10 games. Injuries are still a concern if he contracts with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but when Jones becomes the third or fourth receiver on the depth chart, fewer snaps improve his overall health. There is a reason to believe that. There are rumors that Brady contacted Jones this offseason, and Jones will probably join the Bucks IF as it will be a very deep addition to the already solid Bucks reception room for talent and leadership purposes. It’s not crazy to see, and it’s a big IF He’s willing to make significant reductions and diminish roles to win the Super Bowl. This is something he hasn’t done in his career yet.

TY Hilton is another receiver who has suffered injuries this past season, and many years before last season, Hilton hasn’t played full-season games since 2016 and is late in his career. Suffering from injuries through. Hilton, now 32, was able to reduce his role and reduce snaps to maintain his health in a situation similar to that proposed to Julio Jones, but joins a competitive team. I needed less money to do this. Hilton will add incredible depth and leadership to the Buccane reception room and become another player with good connections with Buccane’s coaching staff. Playing with Tom Brady has always been a fascinating outlook, despite Colts’ past rivals with Tom Brady and the Patriots.

David Johnson has a wide history with Bruce Arians. The Arian Draft Conference took place in 2015, and Johnson has had a career up and down since the early days in Arizona, suffering injuries on his last day in Arizona and two seasons in the Houston Texans. Johnson may be looking for a new start, and in my opinion there is no better place than Tampa Bay. There is coaching here who knows who loves him, and it’s another situation where Johnson can take a profound role in protecting himself in terms of health. Johnson gives enough depth behind Leonard Fournette, Rachard White, and Giovanni Bernard, and can play different roles in attacks as needed. Now that BA has played a role in Buccane’s front office, he may trigger by bringing in a player he once called his favorite draft topic.

This offseason, the Buccaneers replaced former Patriots offensive lineman Shaquille Mason to strengthen their starting unit and become one of the NFL’s best starting guards. Would you like to bring another former Patriots Offensive Lineman to Cameron Fleming for the deepest possible work to keep up the trend? Fleming spent his first four years in the NFL, two years as a fringe starter in Dallas, two years as a full-time starter in the Giants, and two years as a fringe starter in Denver, after the patriots won two Super Bowls. .. Having Fleming as the right backup effort can really help solidify a unit that has wondered the Bucks attack line and has already added some great starting pieces. Also, having another Tristan Wirfs mentor doesn’t hurt at all, and I don’t think it will cost much to get Fleming into the building.

Marcus Cannon OT Houston Texans

The same is true for the next player on this list, Marcus Cannon. Three-time Super Bowl Champion Cannon, a patriot starter for nine years on the team and a Houston Texans starter last year, suffered a serious back injury after four games. Now 34-year-old Cannon was able to take the retirement route, but if he’s healthy and able to play at a high level, try running the Super Bowl again with Bucks as a backup for Tristan Wharves. Hmm?

Sheldon Richardson is a defensive line tycoon. Richardson came in at £ 6’3, £ 290 and already has a history with Bucks as he was the first round pick and played with Jets at the current Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles. Richardson has been a mercenary touring Seattle, Minnesota and Cleveland for two years since his first four years in New York, and last season returned to Minnesota as the team’s full-time starter everywhere. Richardson could easily become a Bucks starter if he wanted to bring in a Logan hole as a rotation pass rusher during the rookie season, but as a backup for the hole, he would also bring more land defense to the Bucks front 7. Useful. Year. This makes a lot of sense, and if they really want to take him, I could see Bucks making a lot of change to Richardson.

Eddie Goldman is another tycoon in the defensive line, giving Bacchus depth or even starting as needed. 6’3, £ 325, Goldman looks like a nose guardle, but he can also be seen playing the defensive end in Bucks. Goldman offers a variety of Bucks defenses and many really good options for moving guys when adding players and Goldmans who are already on the Bucks defense line. Goldman is a great Todd Bowles-style defense and may not cost much at this point in the off-season.

Speaking of versatility, let’s talk about the New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, and Jaydon Collins, a former inside linebacker for the Patriots this season. Collins can do it all. He can stop the run, defend the pass and dismiss the quarterback. He can also dismiss everything he could show off in his career. At the time of recording this video, Bucs hasn’t resigned Kevin Minter yet and could use a third linebacker, so I think Collins is the best choice. I could see Collins being used as a Swiss Army knife type role for defense, just as I have already seen in Devin White. At this point in his career at the age of 32, Collins shouldn’t spend too much money and will offer the Buccaneers tremendous depth in this season’s linebacker position.

Trey Flowers Edge Detroit Lions

Speaking of the former New England Patriots, let’s talk about Trey Flowers. Flowers is a great edge rusher for the Patriots in the last three seasons of the team and started a similar production in the first year with Lions before the injuries began to injure in the last two years of Flowers in Detroit. did. The flowers were released by Lions in March and may appear to rebound with the Buccaneers after two injured seasons. Flowers haven’t seen any additions this offseason and will be a great addition to the EDGE group who may be looking for another veteran after Jason Pierre Paul’s departure. The flower quickly adapts to Buccane’s defense and can leap his career again at the age of 28. If you want to continue developing JoeTryon-Shoyinka, or if you want to bring it in as, flowers can easily become a starter. Fringe starters can also contribute in a large way for Buccane.

Finally, after spending two seasons with the Browns, it was traded to Bucks, which had two breakout seasons, and before landing on the Raiders, Karl Nashib’s Bucks fans have a familiar look. Nashib is now a free agent and can be expected to join his old team and replay his previous role as a very solid rotation player for the Buccaneers Front Seven. Nashib gives the back spa slash even more power by providing both a decent run stop ability and a sufficient amount of pass slash ability. Nashib wants to rebound at this point in his career and wants to give a discount to the team that helped his breakout in the first place, so he shouldn’t spend too much.

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