What’s New in Tampa Bay Cornerback Room

What’s New in Tampa Bay Cornerback Room

Buccaneers allowed depth players Richard Sherman When Pierre Desia Walk free agents this offseason and grabbed their most important free agent cornerbacks when they resigned Carlton Davis For a three-year $ 45 million contract. The room looks exactly the same as last season, except for the departure of the shamans and designers, and the addition of newcomer depth to counter them. If the position group can stay healthy, how will the depth chart work, with most of last year’s contributors returning? Let’s take a look.

Davis is definitely the only starter in the cornerback of Tampa Bay. He’s been a consistent starter since he was drafted in the second round of 2018, but he really broke out in the second year of NFL football. After only four passes were defeated in the rookie season, Davis exploded, recording a defense of 19, 18, and 11 passes each year. Davis has made six passcuts in his first four seasons (four in 2020 alone), but by defending his total of 52 passes, he has a lot about his ability to play the ball. Is being told. He enters the season as the team’s first cornerback and asks who will be second.

Jamel Dean It is most likely that you will start from the other side of Davis in the base formation. His competition for him or his second spot, Sean Murphy BandingThe Buccaneers still consider many fields to be the third cornerback, as they primarily use nickel defensive backs, but if they only use four defensive backs, Dean likes to be in the field now. is. Not only are they competing for the top of the depth chart, but given that both were members of Tampa Bay’s 2019 draft class, they strive to win a new payday like Davis in the contract year. ..

Dean didn’t make it to the 2021 NFL season as a starter, but after Murphy-Bunting was sent to the injured list due to an elbow injury, Dean took over and took full advantage of his chances. Dean misses at least two games each season due to injuries, but given that Davis and Murphy Banding missed last season, the two games don’t seem to be that bad. With 33 passes defended, Dean stayed close within coverage, demonstrating his ability to play the ball. The biggest drawback of his game was that Dean couldn’t convert these plays into turnovers, only a total of five interceptions in three seasons. Dean has the ideal size and speed for that position and was ranked one slot above Davis last season according to the Pro Football Focus position rankings (subscription required).

Murphy Banding was drafted one round earlier than Dean, and so far his chances reflect that. Last year was the first year I saw Murphy Bunting’s misstime due to an injury, but it won’t be an impressive show that doesn’t look much like Murphy Bunting’s first role in Dean’s absence. .. Last season’s injury really limited Murphy Banting. That’s because the PFF rated him as the NFL’s 90th cornerback, compared to Dean and Davis in 20th and 21st, respectively. Murphy Banding, however, showed that he could be when he was healthy, and if that version of him appeared for competition, he would find a way to return to his solid first role. maybe. As a rookie, Murphy Banding demonstrated his ball skills in three passcuts. He has only one pick in the next two regular seasons, but was able to get the intercept involved in the 2020 three-straight playoff game. This season’s version of Murphy Bunting Buccaneers will have a big impact on the starting role, but as mentioned above, Tampa Bay’s nickel defense should allow enough snaps for both Dean and Murphy Bunting. ..

Currently, Tampa Bay has another option.The Buccaneers may move when either Dean or Murphy-Banting struggles enter the season Logan RyanThey signed in during the off-season, Jordan whiteheadDeparture, return to his natural position in the cornerback. Ryan hasn’t played a cornerback since 2019, but he serves as a qualified “break glass in an emergency” option.

Behind the top three corners, Tampa Bay is back Ross CockrelDee DelaneyWhen Rashard Robinson.. Cockrell is a Journeyman cornerback with extensive experience with past teams. When Davis and Murphy Banding entered last year, he and Delaney filled in a bit as a starter, but throughout the season Cockrel proved the most effective back-up cornerback. Delaney made the most of his defensive chances and defended a passcut and two passes in overtime in five games of defense. However, Delaney is a special teamer in the core and actually only acts as a deep part of the defense. Similarly, Robinson started with his experience in San Francisco, but last year he was a preliminary cornerback primarily in Tampa Bay.

Rookie 5th round pick Zyon McCollum Undrafted rookie Kyler McMichael When Don Gardner The cornerback concludes the Tampa Bay list. They may be able to fight their way to a roster of 53 people by proving their value in a special team, but McCallum probably finds his way in cornerback rotation here as a depth piece. The only newcomer who may be.

Tampa Bay’s Nickel Look basically fields four cornerbacks, and Davis, Dean, Murphy-Banting, and Ryan all need to start a strong safety around. Antoine Winfield Junior Dean and Murphy Banding compete throughout the preseason to determine who will stay in the field in the base formation. Cockrell and Delaney may continue to serve as key backups. Robinson may find that McMichael and Gardner are competing with McCallum for a place on the roster in an attempt to beat the odds. The Buccaneers know that they can be successful with this cornerback roster based on their similarities to last season, but how successful they can be depending on how they adopt the corners. Will be decided.



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