Trade Proposal Sees Buccaneers Acquire Tom Brady’s Successor

Trade Proposal Sees Buccaneers Acquire Tom Brady’s Successor


The Buccaneers may be looking at Tom Brady’s potential successor to Jimmy Garoppolo.




Tampa Bay Buccaneers may be looking at the next franchise quarterback.

As part of the bold forecast list edited by Bleacher Report’s Alex Kay, one of his predictions is that the Buccaneers will buy the San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garopolo in exchange for a third round draft topic. That is.

Kay argued that the Buccaneers’ need for a franchise quarterback in the aftermath of Tom Brady’s era could lead to this potential deal in the near future.

“By listing a replacement like Garoppolo, drafted by the New England Patriots as a potential heir to Brady in 2014, it’s far more than what Bucks had to undertake this offseason. It will enable a smooth transition, “Kay wrote in July, a 12-story building. “The cap space is $ 12.5 million because Baker Mayfield’s trading has helped set the market, but if San Francisco takes on part of Garopolo’s $ 24.2 million base salary, it can give some relief. The Buccaneers who can do it will just have to give up the second day draft. Choose for him. “

How Bucs gets Garoppolo

There is no doubt that the Buccaneers will be able to use the 30-year-old Garoppolo, a proven winner with a 33-14 career record, as soon as the 2023 season comes after the possibility of Brady’s retirement. The elephant in the room is Garoppolo’s current contract, seeking to earn more than $ 24 million this season.

San Francisco needs to absorb most of the previous starter’s cap hits, as the Buccaneers lack space for salary caps to replace Garoppolo. Cleveland Browns and Carolina Panthers have signed a similar deal with dissatisfied quarterback Baker Mayfield. Mayfield was supposed to make $ 18.9 million in 2022, Browns and Panthers sign a deal The former pays him $ 10.5 million, the Panthers pay him $ 5 million, and Mayfield confiscates the rest of his salary.

Given that the Buccaneers represent a situation that is ready to fight soon, Garoppolo can admit millions for the opportunity to win the Super Bowl. It’s worth mentioning that Garoppolo came from a situation where he’s used to fighting by leading the Niners to the 2020 Super Bowl and NFC Championship Game at the end of the 2021 season.

It all depends on money and whether Buccane can get Jimmy G at a bargain rate. If Tampa Bay cannot win a veteran quarterback at such a rate, Bucks will not play for him.

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Buccaneers have not yet shown interest in Jimmy G trade

The idea that the Buccaneers will start Garoppolo after Brady retires may seem exciting, but Tampa Bay has shown no interest so far.

According to Tom Pericello of the NFL Network, Garoppolo’s agent, Don Yee, said he hadn’t talked to Bucks about Garoppolo’s deal yet.

Tampa Bay Times’ Rick Strowd was even more straightforward in his report, saying “there’s no chance.”

Bacchus doesn’t seem to have the urgency to buy Garoppolo. However, Tampa Bay seriously rethinks their stance on the possibility of winning Brady’s former teammates when attractive deals take place, such as winning him on a bargain salary for a third round draft topic. There is likely to be.

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