The risk-reward ratio comes to

The risk-reward ratio comes to


After Tom Brady left Foxborough, there were many experts who predicted they wouldn’t be in the same quarterback.

You can see that they were correct.

He is better.

Yes, a man who turns 45 in a few weeks somehow raised his game in Tampa Bay during the two seasons. You can believe in the excitement of his diet, his training routine, or new challenges, but for whatever reason, No. 12 seems to be working with the highest efficiency.

And do you know who knows it? Byron Leftwich. Brady led the NFL with 719 passes last season, with Bucks averaging 4.3 yards per rush. Certainly additional games have been added to the schedule, but in the league’s 102-year history, only Matthew Stafford (2012 Lions) has thrown more times during the regular season.

By the way, Detroit ended 4-12 that year.

Tom Brady doesn’t end in 4-12. That’s because he basically removed virtually all the risks from throwing football.

We all acknowledge that if you don’t give the ball, negative things can happen. You can throw imperfections. You may be dismissed. Worst scenario – you are chosen.

Let’s see what Brady has to offer in those categories.

This is his 19th career completion rate (64.2%). His dismissal rate (4.58 percent) is the eighth lowest in the league chronology. His passcut rate (1.8) is the fifth lowest. Since signing with Tampa Bay, he is even better at these metrics, completing 66.7% of throws, having a sack rate of only 3.1% and having the same 1.8% intercept metrics.

It’s no wonder Brady has made an average of 43 passes in two seasons with Bucks, while Stint in New England has 35 throws.

For this particular franchise at this particular time, it is a winning formula.

Bucs is 29-10, including the postseason, with Brady in the center. This is a remarkable record. This is especially noteworthy given that Brady is 0-4 against Saints in the last two regular seasons.

Bacchus will be another team this fall. Probably quite different.

New cast. Same director.

They replaced the head coach and two starting guards. Ndamukong Suh, Jason Pierre-Paul and Jordan Whitehead set out with Panther and second-placed Ronald Jones. Rob Gronkowski continues to claim he did.

Don’t be surprised if Gronkowski keeps his promise, or if Lefwitch asks Brady’s right arm to fire another 700 or so passes. If Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Russell Gauge are healthy, Tampa Bay should be the target of a dynamic trio. And no one would be shocked if Tampa Bay’s ground game wouldn’t be so effective without Gronkowski standing side by side with Tristan Wilfs on the right.

Simply put, Tom Brady basically removes most of the risk from a large number of overtaking attacks.

In contrast to 2019, when Jameis Winston threw 30 picks, he’s two less than Brady in the last three years.

Brady keeps in mind the risk-to-reward ratio, and Leftwich is very grateful. In the postseason, Brady throws 13 TD passes, only makes 4 pass cuts, and Bucks is 5-1 so the numbers are even better. His 94.9 passer rating in the playoffs over the last two years is lower than his 89.8 rating in 41 post-season games against Bill Belichick.

For some reason, Brady reinvented himself at the age of 43, and he may not have completely finished reaching the new height. On the brink of the camp, he says he feels good.

This is terrible news for the Cowboys and all the other opponents who are in the way of Brady in the first week.

Is he nearing the end? perhaps. Then again, he may just be in the beginning.

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