5 Buccane training camp battles to monitor

5 Buccane training camp battles to monitor

As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2022 training camp approaches, there will be a healthy amount of competition for the starting position, backup position, and the last few roster spots the team is heading for the 2022 season. For this reason, I think it’s important to identify some of the battles that will take place in this upcoming training camp and the players who will be competing in those important competitions.

Blaine Gabbert vs Kyle Trask

Buccane’s backup quarterback job battle is about to begin, and at the moment, Gabbert seems to have an early advantage over Trask. Coaching staff have a great deal of trust and respect for Gabert, but Trusk states that he has the opportunity to attend this camp for a backup job. Based on how Trusk will do this next camp, Bucks can decide how to advance him as a potential future face of the franchise after the end of the Tom Brady era. increase.

Rashard White vs Giovani Bernard vs Keshon Bourne

Bucks lost Ronald Jones to the chief of the free agent, but added a very versatile weapon to the draft with Rashard White. White has been impressed throughout the early stages of the off-season and aims to continue to gain momentum in the training camp battle between veteran Jobani Bernard and Keshonborn. Bernard received a backup last year and played the role of the player used in the two-minute drill situation. Bourne, on the other hand, has little time to attack and aims to increase his role since last season, when he was a player who played primarily a special team. This is considered a very fluid competition with Leonard Fournette, where Bucks started running, and in some circumstances all three could rotate throughout the season.

Ryan Scoop vs Jose Boregales

Buccane has the potential to fight fiercely in this upcoming training camp. Ryan Scoop has been very solid across the team for several years in Tampa Bay, but the growth and steady play that Boregales showed during last year’s camp cannot be ignored. Boregales, the flagship of last year’s Bucks practice team, will make another attempt to become a Bucks kicker for this season, but is very tough with established starting veterans who are already in Saccop. Faced with competition.

Mike Edwards vs Keanu Neal vs Logan Ryan

The team spent a considerable amount of time this offseason, increasing the secondary backend despite Jordan Whitehead’s defeat to Jets as a free agent. Bucs has signed a team with trusted veteran Logan Ryan. The team aims to demonstrate outstanding leadership and versatility, playing multiple positions in the secondary in both corners and safety. They also added Kianunir, who is about to rebound again in the safety position after playing at the Cowboys linebacker spot last season. Neil is one of the best young safety at the start of his career at the Atlanta Falcons and aims to regain its shape once again. Finally, in the third round of the former Bucks, he chose Mike Edwards, who was a ball hawk when he was given the opportunity to increase the playing time of the team, and took advantage of that momentum to do a full-time start job this season. I’m trying to win.

Aaron Stiny vs Luke Gedeke vs Robert Heinsey

After Ali Marpet retired in LG’s position, Bucks was faced with a big question mark. The team added former patriot guard Shaquille Mason to the right of the attack line and added Draft Luke Gedeke in the second round of this recent NFL draft to compete with veteran Aaron Stiny and last year’s NFL Draft Trobert High. We did a third round pick in the NFL. This is considered to be one of the best and most fierce competitions in Buccane’s upcoming camps, as all three players have the qualities to be a good starter along Buccane’s attack line.

All these battles listed are worth paying attention to, as they can shape some of the more important starting points and depth locations that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have on their roster. Training camps are imminent, with all listed and unlisted players competing for the most difficult abilities, all starting in just two weeks.

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